October 19, 2022

how to create consistent content on social media

One of the things my clients ask me is how to create consistent content because they believe they have nothing to say. So I’m sharing the process I take myself through that allows me to turn out consistent content on facebook, instagram and inside my facebook group.

The first thing is that I don’t look at writing social media posts as “creating content”. As a coach, creator, or entrepreneur you don’t want to simply be creating content to please the algorithm – what you want is to create value. Value is created by sharing something that allows your audience to experience a shift or a breakthrough.

As much as I love telling people what to do (LOL), I often lead my clients with questions. One question I particularly like to ask is: what happens when you look at marketing as helping people instead of content creation?

When you write for the sake of helping others, instead of consistency and algorithms, everything shifts.

Priya Ferrie

I often write posts from a place of love and inspiration. When you post for the sake of keeping up with the algorithm alone, you’ll get busy hustling to create content versus creating clients – which is what you actually want. Subsequently, when you learn how to speak your truth on social media, your content will defy algorithms. I have seen this happen time and time again.

Here are the steps to creating consistently engaging content that won’t just help you land clients, but will feel so good to write because it’s about serving people and helping others get what they want.

Step 1: Know your work in the world.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been exploring my purpose as a coach. When you become a coach, you think that’s your purpose. Then after you’ve been doing it for a while, you start to ask yourself what your true work or true mission is on the planet.

Try these journal prompts:

  • What is my true work on this planet?
  • What’s the thing I love to talk about all day, everyday?
  • What’s something I’m so passionate about I’d do it for free?
  • Why does what I have to say matter?
  • What do I want people to know? What do I need them to know?

As an example, my purpose is helping women, entrepreneurs, and coaches take up space, get visible & play big. My purpose is also to help dismantle the patriarchy, because let’s be real, it ain’t gonna burn itself. I will always be telling women they are enough, and they get to have it all. Knowing this about my work fires me up every single day.

Note: Don’t be a perfectionist about this. Your purpose may not look neat and tidy as mine. Let what you know now be enough and go implement a few things.

2. Always connect with your people emotionally before you write.

For example, I feel deeply connected to the women I speak to, because I have been that woman. They feel invisible in the world. They feel uncertain about their next steps. I know what it’s like to want to be visible on the internet and in real life, but being so afraid of what people will think about you and your opinions. When you want to share your work with the world, but find yourself hiding out on your own platforms for fear of judgement, I get it.

I know the heartache and longing to complete those big projects and execute your ideas, but then telling yourself lies like “there isn’t enough time” or “now isn’t the right time”, when really you’re just afraid that your work isn’t good enough…that you’re not good enough.

I know the pain of underearning and telling yourself stories of how the very thing you want just isn’t possible for you (this is the biggest lie of all).

So be sure to connect with your person on an emotional level before you write. Know her intimately.

Try these journal prompts:

  • Who is my person?
  • What’s keeping her awake at night?
  • What can I teach her?
  • How can I help her?

Always remember to show up from service, and show up for her.

3. Last, but not least: Tell the truth, be yourself and be authentic.

I decided to lean deeper and deeper into what was true for me and how it could serve my people. That’s really why I share regularly.

Expect critics, haters and naysayers – they’ll always be there. It’s impossible to go into a social space where you won’t find people who disagree with your views, don’t like you, or your face! Make peace with that. They’re there watching, so let them.

Know that sometimes you’ll trigger people just by being you, and that’s their work, not yours.

Know that sometimes you’ll be wrong, you’ll screw up, but just be willing to own it. Be willing to make apologies and do better.

If you’ve been thinking that your business can take off if you could just show up as yourself on social media, you’re right on track. Want to be more visible, take up space and have your work reach more people online and in real life? Then VIP private coaching could be a great fit for you.

Being bolder, braver and expressing your authentic voice and mission requires a set of internal and external skills I can help you cultivate to help you show up as your fully expressed self. Book a free discovery call to see if my VIP private coaching is for you. But don’t wait too long as this option won’t be available once I launch my mastermind. I cannot wait to meet you! Click here to book.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide

About the author 

Priya Ferrie is a life & business coach for women.  Her focus is on confidence, visibility & leadership both in life and at work.  Priya is a trained homeopath, certified coach, and a graduate of Mcmaster University.  Priya is obsessed with her two dogs, and lives with her husband in Ontario.    

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