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"Hiring you as my coach was the kindest thing I ever did for myself.  Working with you I've realized so much more is possible for my business & my life!"
"I wanted you to be the first to know that I made $13,000 in one day!  I was afraid to charge what I wanted, but I had your voice in my ear saying, "you're worth it!"  I told them my price, and they said yes! "

Your work is medicine for the world.

You're a thought leader who is here to change the world.  Your work belongs in the hands of the masses.   The only problem is, you don't know how to show up on social media, you're terrified of being seen, and you'd rather binge watch netflix instead of sharing your actual opinions with the world.

So you spend hours scrolling to see what everyone else is doing, buy content strategies and learn how to run facebook ads instead of showing up as yourself, sharing your expertise, and actually allowing people to buy from you.

I have been where you are, and I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to.   

Welcome.  I'm Priya, and I help entrepreneurs, CEOs, healers, and coaches discover their unique online presence rooted in authenticity and empathy so they can have the impact they really want to have in the world.  

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I'm trained in life & business coaching, client-centered selling, natural wellness & homeopathic medicine.

I received my Diploma in Homeopathy, a profession that recognizes that every human being has an innate capacity to heal.   Working with you collaboratively, we will explore the patterns, mindsets, and conditioning that holds you back from having the life & business of your dreams.

My work in the world is to help visionary entrepreneurs, healers, and leaders feel confident AF, take up space, & make a fuckton of money so we can change the world.

I'm so glad you're here.  Welcome.




"I want to thank you for your coaching. I cannot describe with words how much better I am - not judgy, just open and comfortable.  My internal voice has changed.  I'm not stuck in negative thinking that has plagued me for years. I used to be someone who couldn't look forward to anything.  I now see that I am not stuck in a hopeless mindframe. I'm not stuck at all. My whole perspective has changed. Everything is available to me.  I've raised my rates and I'm no longer offering one-off sessions.  I'm earning more than I have in 13 years."



"You really twisted the uncomfortable screws. I finally realized I needed to stop playing small and worrying about what others think about me. I need to BE the Compassionate Leader I am instead of just talking about it.  I now know that is exactly what I am supposed to do. Thank you so much."



"Priya is a skilled and compassionate listener; she asked the questions and held the space in which I could peel off years of expectation and thought patterns and learn more about who I am and what I have to offer the world. She helped me to see the limitations I had imposed on myself, to pause and question the “buts” and “what if's” that show up and scare me back into being less than who I am, and helped me to see the possibilities that are in front of me. Working with Priya gave me the tools to build my business from a place of authenticity, with deep love and confidence in myself."

I offer customized, private 1:1 coaching for visionary leaders, entrepreneurs & coaches who want to have a massive impact in the world & get paid for their genius.

"In a world where women are trained to be nice, polite and told never to rock the boat - it’s a radical act when a woman shows up for herself, says yes to her dreams and intentionally creates the life she wants."

Priya Rose Ferrie, Business & Visibility Coach, Homeopath, Writer.

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