I'm Priya Ferrie

I help female entrepreneurs create a bold business.

Stuck in indecision?  Learn how to make powerful decisions
with my Bold Business Decisions training.  
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Hey!  I'm so glad you're here.

You're in the right place if...
You're confused about what to do next, and you're not taking the action needed to move the needle in your business.
You've tried everything that the "experts" recommend, but your business hasn't progressed the way you expected it to.

So many female entrepreneurs tell me:

They need to learn online marketing to have impact.  
They need to have a better website, logo or cohesive branding.  
They are doing all of the things, yet nothing seems to be working! 
What if I told that you that results aren't created by our actions? 
Results our created by our thoughts.  
Results are created in our minds.
Results are created when you make powerful decisions from a place of courage & confidence.
If you're confused about what to do next, let's start with a short training.  
I will guide you through my bold decision making process so you can make your next bold move.
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Educational Consultant

Working with Priya was transformational!  She helped me in many ways on my personal and professional front. I was able to remove mental clutter & get myself super organized.  Now I can feel I am more confident and independent.  I cannot begin to recommend her enough!


Founder of Natural Bella

Your coaching has had results for me from the 1st session!!

Thank you!


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