Break all the damn rules.

Traditional business building methods don't work for a changemaker like you.  You're a visionary.  You care about people and the planet.
Let's start with a new way to market your brilliance.
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Marketing For Changemakers. 


Educational Consultant

Working with Priya was transformational!  She helped me in many ways on my personal and professional front. I was able to remove mental clutter & get myself super organized.  Now I can feel I am more confident and independent.  I cannot begin to recommend her enough!


Founder of Natural Bella

Your coaching has had results for me from the 1st session!  I had no idea how much my business was being impacted by my personal life.  Working with you helped me see that the way I was showing up in my relationships was impacting the way I was showing up in my business.  I'm at $4300 and the year isn't even over!  Thank you!

Owner to Badass

You and I have something in common:  we are ordinary people who want to change the world through our work.  Our intention has always been to create a product or service that leaves people better than they are now.  We identify as helpers, healers, coaches, practitioners, and leaders in our industry.  But something doesn't add up.  We get stuck in the launch phase or we stagnate in the growth phase.  If you're looking to have a bigger impact with your work, you're in the right place.  I help changemakers like you go from owner to badass.  If you're up for recreating the old business model of hustle and grind, this work is for you.  Because results don't come from hustle - they are created in the mind.  The question isn't "does this work?" the question is - are you ready for this?  


Life & Entrepreneurship Coach for women who want to change the world.

I specialize in working with women who want to rebuild a life & business they love.  My clients include coaches, practitioners, entrepreneurs and women who want a different approach to building a business.  I believe that everything you're dreaming of, is meant for you. 

After overcoming cancer & infertility, I became a coach to help women overcome self-doubt, go for their dreams, and break the rules that keep them stuck.  


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