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You're a thought leader, entrepreneur, healer, or badass CEO who wants to grow an online business.

You've bought all the courses, done the personal development work, and yet the thought of sharing your actual opinions with the world makes you want to binge watch netflix.

Here's the thing, your clients don't want a replica of that famous entrepreneur you admire online.  They want the authentic you - the unfiltered version.  They want your perspective, your ideas, and they want to pay you.

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I'm Priya Rose Ferrie

I'm a life & business coach, former Doctor of homeopathy, writer, and dog mom AF.

I've been building businesses since I was 25.  My last business hit $1M in sales.  I'm trained in both mind and body based coaching tools.  Plus, I bring my decade of experience as a leader in the wellness industry to offer you an unparalleled coaching experience.

My mission is to help visionary entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and CEO's get visible af, spread their message & get paid so we can change the world. Wanna know more about me?  Sure boo, just click HERE to learn more.

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Ready to get hired by your dreamiest clients?

Get visible, build your online presence, and actually show up in a way that has clients wanting to buy from you. Grab my top visibility strategies that took me from $0 to $100k in my coaching business.  When you sign up you'll get one strategy a day for 5 days to help you show up big & get paid.


Your work belongs in the hands of the masses.  I'm here to help you go big.  Let's frikkin' go!

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"I made my 3rd online sale, and it's only been a week since I launched my class!"


Breast Cancer Specialist

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