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Hey there, baddie!

Welcome!  Let me guess.  You're an expert, you're successful, and brilliant AF.  You love helping people and making a difference in the world, but being highly compensated for your gifts seems to be a work in progress. You've bought the online courses, done all the certifications & researched every business concept only to realize that you want a coach for the next trek of the evolution of your business (and life, because despite appearances, they are one and the same).

You're in the right place.  I have been exactly where you are now.  I have walked in your shoes, and believe me when I say that whatever is keeping you up at night is the portal to exponential business & soul growth.

I teach heart-led leaders, entrepreneurs, helpers and healers how to be well paid so they can have the impact they want to have while doing less, and resting more.

But how, you ask?


Coaching is the art of using the mind to create results that never existed before.  It sounds like magic, but it's actually science, neuroscience & neuroplasticity to be specific.

You might think you're stuck or blocked, but you are neither.  What you have is a healthy human brain that's been wiring and firing the same old neural connections that have created the same old results.  What you need are new neural connections that produce new results. Results like more money than you've ever made before, charging higher rates for your services, simplifying your marketing and selling, experiencing less worry, anxiety or stress as it relates to your business, serving more humans you love, and creating a business that's actually a living, breathing revolution.

I've created a unique coaching methodology that combines the best of neuroscience & psychology to bring you an unparalleled coaching experience.

Some of the modalities I use include mindset, nervous system regulation, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, and so much more. Private coaching with me is a fully customized & curated 1:1 experience that offers a supportive & safe environment custom designed for you to hit your goals.

Ready to grow your business, expand your mind & your capacity to receive what you've been asking for?  

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I'm Priya!

I help visionaries & leaders be well paid and well rested.

I'm a coach, mentor & a trained doctor of homeopathic medicine.  I have over a decade of entrepreneurial experience scaling a health food store and wellness practice to $1M in sales. In my previous life, I was the top salesperson for a major nutraceutical company.  

My toxic trait is teaching experts how to be highly compensated for their gifts so they can have more impact by creating the internal and external resources required to grow a company that leaves a legacy.

A few things about me:  I'm obsessed with my dogs, a good organic ginger kombucha & long walks in nature.

I'm a bit witchy, swear way too often, and give profound fucks about your brilliant work reaching the masses.

Wanna learn more about me?  Sure boo, just click HERE. Let's get acquainted.

xoxo, Priya

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