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Coach & Teacher

Hiring you as my coach was the kindest thing I ever did for myself.  Working with you I've realized so much more is possible for my business & my life.  

I signed 6 clients and I have another two consults booked!

Priya Ferrie



The coaching business you want is meant for you.  But like so many coaches, you have a little voice inside that keeps you doubting that you have what it takes. Your high achieving life, the degrees behind your name, and the certifications you've completed should make you feel confident, but for some reason self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination have you binge watching netflix instead of working on your business.

You tell yourself you don't have enough experience and you feel totally anxious charging for your services. You think, "who am I to do this?" or "who would ever hire me?"  These self-critical thoughts keep undermining your confidence, your expertise, not to mention your happiness.

Here's the truth - that little voice of self-doubt isn't even your own.  It's programming that teaches women that we aren't good enough, that we need to be perfect, and that our work doesn't matter.  It's the voice of internalized patriarchy that has kept women from reaching their potential for ages.

I teach you the tools that have you feeling confident AF, making an impact, and building the life & business of your wildest dreams. 

Hey, I'm Priya!

I'm a homeopath, certified coach, and a dog mom.  It took me years to start my coaching business.  I spent my days posting on social media, working on my website, and wondering how it was all going to happen.  I was full of doubt that people would actually pay me to help them.  I finally figured out the secret sauce that got me paid: rewiring my brain to feel confident as f*ck.  But first, I had to unlearn all the ways women are socialized to play small, and dismantle internalized patriarchy.  Now, I help other coaches do the same...

Let's f*cking Go!

You're a coach or an entrepreneur who wants to change the world.  You've taken all the courses and trainings, but you're still not signing clients, launching your programs, or finishing that book you started writing months ago. You know you're meant for more, but the idea of taking action towards your goals makes you want to binge watch netflix.  You perfect and procrastinate and you'd love to learn how to get shit done.  You don't know how to create marketing that compels people to reach out, and you hurl at the idea of making big money, because the world taught you that you could either make money or be a "good woman".  Enter internalized patriarchy, good girl programming, and shrinking yourself to fit into a box the world created for you.  Not on my watch!

It's time to show up as your authentic self, get shit done & actually grow your revenue...not next year, but in the next 6 months!  My mission is to help you claim your space, own your voice, and speak your truth so you can attract the dreamiest clients, have the impact you have always wanted to have, and live a life you actually love.  I help you start and grow your business without the stress, or the hustle.


Life Coach & Author

You reminded me that all along the answers were within me.  I was filled with self-doubt.  After working with you I have so much clarity!  I have a clear vision of how to build my empire and live my life's purpose.  I feel more confident than ever!  Thank you.


Women's Confidence Coach

Working with you I discovered my true self and redefined my confidence.  I went from always thinking "I should do this or that", to always asking myself, "what do I want to do?"  I've started to realize that I don't need more certifications because who I am is enough.


Coach For Midlife Women

My relationship with myself is better than it’s ever been, even after years of counselling.  I am more confident in my ability to take care of myself: not just financially, but emotionally as well.  I truly feel worthy and deserving of success.  Let me just say, that is a first in my 54 year life!

Let's Get You Paid, Coach!  

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