Hey boo!It's lovely to meet you! 

I'm about three things:  

(1) Women taking up space & claiming their voice.

(2) Women making an impact.

(3) Women getting paid for their valuable work.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, coach, or service provider, I help you 10x your visibility so you can sell out your offers with less stress and more pleasure.  Ready to make shit happen? Grab a complimentary VIP strategy session below.

I coach like a zen master crossed with a feminist.

I combine the world's top coaching tools with everything I've learned from eastern spirituality, trauma & somatic healing, feminism, psychology & natural medicine to help you create tangible results in life & business.

Advanced Coaching

My coaching is centered on the latest research from neuroscience.  I use tools from cognitive behaviour therapy, trauma healing, psychology & neuro-linguistic programming.  I go beyond what's taught in coach trainings & bring many other tools from my wellness background.


Before I was a coach, I ran a health food store and women's health practice that generated $1M in sales. I've navigated 6 career transitions, each one leading me closer to my soul's calling.  I'm a certified coach & trained as a doctor of homeopathic medicine from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto.


Doing new things requires accountability.  As my VIP private coaching client, you'll get my utmost devotion and unlimited support between calls. We meet weekly for an hour with my brain on your exact problem. You'll feel challenged to grow, while feeling fully supported.  

Let's get intimate...

My story

I wanted an online business long before I became a coach.  I would fantasize about creating a wellness blog and having a cute photoshoot at my local farm.  I took allll the courses on building online programs, curating a hot instagram feed, and building sales funnels.  The only problem was that I literally shook every time I tried to show up online.  I had vulnerability hangovers for days.  I hid behind pretty quotes and a perfect feed, editing & censoring every damn thing I wanted to say.

As a highly accomplished & successful woman with multiple degrees and careers, I couldn't sort through what felt like a crisis in my confidence.  And then, a diagnosis of infertility plunged me face down in the mud where I was forced to confront all of my good girl programming.  Once I rebuilt my confidence from within, and understood how women are socialized and how we absorb the patriarchy's lies, I became highly visible and began helping other women entrepreneurs, coaches and service providers do the same.

My deepest desire is to help you feel confident as fuck so you can bring forth the work that wants to be born through you.  The world is ready for your magic.  I help you reach your people, have more impact, make a fuck ton of money and change the world.

My street cred

-I have a degree in Science from McMaster University, with a focus on Engineering Physics.  

-After a cancer diagnosis in my 20's I went on a quest to heal myself with natural medicine & graduated as a Doctor of Homeopathy.  I ran a practice with a focus on women & children's health before I became a coach.

-I've studied herbal medicine, nutritional therapies, and received countless certifications in women's wellness.  Don't be surprised if I recommend a supplement as part of your coaching program.

-I have two coach certifications & I've mentored under some of the world's finest coaches.  I'm enrolled in a third certification with The Martha Beck and I am lit TF up about it.

-I ran my own brick & mortar & online health food store for 5 years where I hit $1M in sales.

-I have travelled across Canada as a sales representative for multinational corporations and received training in consultative selling.

I see you...

You have powerful work to share with the world, if only you could stop doubting your brilliance, scrolling social media, and feeling icky about selling.  I teach you how to step into your leadership as a coach, creator or entrepreneur, unfuck patriarchal messages about selling and earning, and take up space on the internet and IRL.

If you've landed here and private coaching is still open, take it as a sign that this is meant to be.  Here are some of the details about my program:

  • 6 months of weekly customized 1:1 calls over zoom or the phone.
  • A gorgeous gift box filled with my favourite goodies delivered to your doorstep.
  • Voxer access for support in-between calls.
  • Your custom blueprint for earning your first $10k, $50k or $100k and beyond.

If you’re {finally} ready to create the business and life you're dreaming of, this is your moment.  No more waiting for tomorrow.  No more putting it off until [insert major event].  

It’s time to stop waiting for permission and commit to 6 months of private coaching sessions that are designed to help you get shit done & make bank.


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