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I teach folx how to be highly compensated for their gifts.

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Hey boo,

I'm Priya, you new favourite business coach & money fairy

I've gone from being a trained homeopath and million dollar health food store owner to a business & revenue acceleration coach. I am on a mission to help womxn be generously compensated for their gifts to hit their first or next 6-figures.

Your business is a revolution.

You love helping people.  

The only problem is, you're working harder than ever, and you're still at the same income bracket as last year.  

Here's the the thing, you're trying to be in too many places and serve everybody when you're NOT for everybody.

The truth is, your talents are a match for a very specific client.

This client wants the dream solution you offer.

They have the resources to pay you.

They're action takers and self-starters.

Imagine your calendar full of these dream clients 365 days/year.

You're ready for real strategies that get you sold out.

I've helped folx just like you fill their practice with clients without burnout.

I've helped lawyers start a consulting practice, course creators fill their courses, coaches get sold out with a waitlist, real estate agents get more done in less time, TedX speakers get fully booked, and so much more.

I combine coaching with customized business strategy to hit your revenue goals, no matter what stage of business you're in.

Getting sold out isn't all that complicated.

I help you stop serving everybody and start getting selective with your clientele, your energy, and your time.

This is the path to consistent clients, consistent cash, and big social impact.  Let's fucking go!

A few facts about me...

I've been an entrepreneur for over a decade.

Before I was a coach, I ran my own brick and mortar store, an ecommerce store and a women's wellness practice.  I was the go-to person for all things natural medicine in my community.  My business surpassed a $1M in sales. 

I'm a Dog mom AF.

I have two mutts I'm obsessed with.  They're both from a dairy farm in Ontario.  Badmaash is 6 & his name means bratty boy.  Toofaan means storm and he is 3 years old.  Toofaan is also epileptic and he responds really well to cbd oil.  You can catch him here.

I'm a cancer survivor.

A diagnosis in my 20's rerouted my life and catapulted me into my own healing journey.  I learned everything under the sun about wellness.  I became a doctor of homeopathic medicine.  

I'm a self-proclaimed witch & healer.

My street cred.

I studied Engineering at Mcmaster University.  I also did a year of English literature, hence my love of words.  I got my homeopathy degree at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine.  I have countless certifications in wellness & coaching.  I'm currently studying with THE Martha Beck.

My hobbies.

I love yoga with Tias Little, shaking my butt to Buti yoga, walks in the park, swimming, and I read like 7 books at any given time.  Hello ADHD!

I'm obsessed with.

I'm obsessed with womxn making more money than they've ever made and getting whatever TF they want in life.  It's time to remember who you are. Let's friggin' go.

You're ready for take off.

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what CLIENTS are saying


If you’re curious if it’s worth it DO IT! Priya has helped me take action with less stress and realize that I am already creating the success I long for. She’s an amazing coach if you’re ready for her (and I bet you are!).

Amy Hartl

/ Breast Cancer Care Specialist


"I wanted you to be the first to know that I made $13,000 in one day!  Because of you, I felt confident telling them my price, and they said yes!"

Ilona Santa

/ Small business Owner


"Working with you really helped me to focus on what to talk about in my posts and pushed the limits of what I would normally be comfortable sharing. Plus I signed two clients! Yes!"

Julie Brar

/ Life & Confidence Coach