November 15, 2020

One of the biggest reasons life coaches and online entrepreneurs don't make money is their money mindset.  Many of us are carrying trauma around money.  We have generational money stories that were passed onto us by our parents, who received a story about money from their parents.  

What is money mindset?

The way money was handled in our families was based on a set of thoughts our family members believed about money. For example, if your parents believed that money was scarce, they might not have allowed you to spend money on lavish things.  As an adult your behaviour will be reflected in these stories.  You might find that you do not spend money on expensive things.  You might never buy yourself things that you actually want, and rather buy things on sale or not at all.  In addition to taking on our families money beliefs, we also take on the beliefs of our culture.  For example, in many cultures, ambitious women are portrayed to be money hungry and heartless.  Women who choose their careers over raising a family are criticized and judged.  We often take on the money story of our society and believe it to be our own. 

The one thing that often comes up for my clients is the belief that money is something outside of them that they have to reach.  Intertwined with the story that "it's' hard to make money" are stories about success being a struggle.  The truth is that we create money.  We are the ones who generate money in our lives.

We create money by the the thoughts we believe.

Having enough money begins with thinking we have enough.  When we feel sufficient, when we believe that in this very moment we are taken care of, and we practice that belief over and over again, we allow more abundance to come to us. In order to invite money into our lives, we first have to check in with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Any time we are not in a lack mindset, we draw more of that to us.  So when you begin your life coaching practice, your yoga school, or your purpose driven business, one of the first things you need to do is clean up your mind, every single day.

How to clean up your money mindset:

1) Release lack mentality.

Lack mentality is a belief that there's never enough.  It shows up when you believe that when someone else has more than you, it means that you get to have less.  This isn't true.  There is enough for everyone to go around.  What if what is meant for you is simply held back because you're in a state of lack?  When we believe there isn't enough, we create more of it.  When we feel abundant, we create more abundance.

Lack mentality can show up as you hoarding objects like old clothes, old bags or purses that you never use.  My favourite exercise to release resistance around lack is to cull your closet and your home of all the things you haven't used in the last 6-12 months.  Imagine that there is a flow of energy throughout your home, and all the places where you are stuck in lack are represented by the things you refuse to let go of.  Now imagine that all those objects are stuck energy, they are taking up so much space in your life that new things, money, new circumstances cannot come in.  

When we release the old, we create space for the new.  Take this exercise seriously and practice discarding things that no longer serve you.  Stand in the belief that there is plenty to go around and something good is coming your way.  You'll feel so much lighter and you will create space.  Space is a necessary element in creating your life coaching business.  

2) Practice sufficiency.

Sufficiency is a feeling.  I know!  When you become present you realize that you are actually taken care of.  You have everything you need in this moment.  And the reason you feel insufficient or lacking is because you have thoughts about not having enough.  But you do have enough.  How do I know that?  If you're reading this article you have a phone or a computer.  You have a roof over your head.  You have clothes and food.  This is sufficiency.  Notice, I'm not asking you to limit your ambition.  I'm suggesting you practice feeling sufficient so that you can go out and create your work in the world.  When you feel sufficient you step into creative energy, instead of creating from a place of lack or stress.  This is the primary reason coaches believe they need to "get clients".  You don't need to get clients.  You create clients.

3) Practice the thought, "money flows easily to me"

Life coaches and purpose driven entrepreneurs are the most beautiful and generous people on the planet.  We are the givers and the healers of our communities.  But coaches have the belief that it is difficult to earn for their great work.  What if it's easy?  What if there are so many creative ways money can flow into your life that you haven't even considered?  Practice the thought, "money flows easily to me" and notice how it feels in your body.  If it fills you with ease and makes you expansive, practice it daily.  

I'd love to hear how this post shifted your finances for you.  Reach out and share with me over on instagram.

About the author 

Priya Ferrie is a life & entrepreneurship coach for women who want to skyrocket their confidence, build courage & lean into their purpose.

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