Hiring you as my coach was the kindest thing I ever did for myself.  Knowing what I want, and giving it to myself started to shift everything for me.  I signed 6 clients in the first month of us working together, and I have another two consults booked.


Working with you I discovered my true self and redefined my confidence.  I went from always thinking "I should do this or that", to always asking myself, "what do I want to do?"  I've started to realize that I don't need more trainings or certifications because who I am is enough.  As a result, my leadership skills have improved.  I speak up and share what I want on my social media.  I'm not afraid of sharing my values and being myself in my business.


The sessions we had together began as business coaching, but I soon realized how much my business development was deeply connected to my emotional state. Priya met me where I was and gently guided me to open myself up to the idea of change in my perspective and in my awareness. The different techniques Priya used helped to give me clarity, confidence, made me more assertive, and trust the process. I use some of the techniques regularly when I feel stuck or unsure to create the results I really want. Plus, I've already hit my quarterly sales goal and still have a month to go!  If you are considering coaching with Priya I would highly recommend it!  It has changed my life in a very short time. 

janet henderson, AROMATHERAPIST & FOUNDER OF natural bella

By putting myself first, loving myself and treating my body well, makes me love and appreciate myself so much more. Appreciating and reflecting on all the good things I’ve accomplished, reminds me of everything more I am capable of.  I’m learning to create better habits, and follow through with my goals because that's how I get great results.  

I’ve learned to schedule my time and make myself a priority. This gives me a better sense of calm, relieves stress and takes a lot of pressure off myself. You helped me focus on my goals and go about achieving them in a much more structured manner.


Priya is a skilled and compassionate listener; she asked the questions and held the space in which I could peel off years of expectation and thought patterns and learn more about who I am and what I have to offer the world. She helped me to see the limitations I had imposed on myself, to pause and question the “buts” and “what ifs” that show up and scare me back into being less than who I am, and helped me to see the possibilities that are in front of me. Working with Priya gave me the tools to build my business from a place of authenticity, with deep love and confidence in myself.


I want to thank you for all of your insight. I cannot describe with words how much better I am - not judgy, just open and comfortable.  My internal voice has changed.  I'm not stuck in negative thinking that has plagued me for years. I used to be someone who couldn't look forward to anything.  I now see that I am not stuck in a hopeless mindframe. I'm not stuck at all. My whole perspective has changed.  Everything is available to me.  I've raised my rates and I'm no longer offering one-off sessions.  I'm earning more than I have in 13 years.


I mostly feel like a whole new brain is in my head.  I have much more self love and self validation.  

I no longer panic when I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  I don’t need to control or manipulate what happens. I decided to handle what felt like someone objecting to what I was sharing, instead of deleting my posts or justifying what I said or, I just left it.  I have grown so much since working with you.  And I now get paid to coach others instead of doing it for free.


You reminded me that all along the answers were within me.  You gave me such great insight and awareness to what was going on in my mind.  I was filled with self-doubt.  After working with you I have so much clarity on where I'm headed with my life's mission.  I have a clearer vision of how to build my empire and live my life's purpose.  I feel more confident.  You lead the way which helped me discover my own path.  Thank you.

lis perez, author, coach & speaker

Priya listens deeply, she has so much knowledge and can effortlessly restate what I say in such an uplifting and somewhat lovingly frank way that just makes me think WOW!  She is professional and the focus is always on me and my goals, not her opinions of what or how I should approach my business. She easily empowers me to be better with every session, her energy and preparedness are top notch as she zeros in each week on what I need, not some planned agenda. 


Priya - you really twisted the uncomfortable screws. I finally realized I just needed to stop playing small and stop worrying about what others do or don’t do. I need to BE the Compassionate Leader I am instead of just talking about it.  I now know that is exactly what I am supposed to do. Thank you so much.


You are so inspiring.  I'm so glad to have you as my coach.  Thank you helping me find my truth - she has been silent and scared for a very long time!  I feel free after holding back my true voice for so long.  I wanted a business for so many years, but just didn't know how to make it happen, until I started coaching with you.  I have so much clarity and confidence now.  


I had the privilege to be coached by Priya and she is the reason I ended up inspired to pursue a career in midwifery.  I was doubting my inner knowing, and viewing this career as less professional than the other careers I was considering.  Thankfully, I made the choice to go ahead, and I now know that I 100% made the right decision.


My relationship with myself is better than it’s ever been, even after years of counselling.  I am more confident in my ability to take care of myself: not just financially, but emotionally as well.  I now look at challenges in a way that has dissolved the fear of rejection that used to paralyze me.  I truly feel worthy and deserving of success.  Let me just say, that is a first in my 54 year life!  It has also uncovered a need to help other women (especially those my age and stage) to self-empower.  Because if I can do it, anyone can do it.  


I have so much more clarity in my business now, and a deeper commitment to stick with it. I am proud of my method/system and you made me realize that by changing things all the time, I wasn't getting the results I wanted.  I change my mind a lot, but I've decided to just stick with it and be consistent. Thank you so much!


I used to sometimes dread coming to work.  Now I can’t wait to get here in the morning!  I’m now making the collections calls that used to fill me with anxiety and stop me in my tracks.  And the more I do them, the easier they become because I’m creating a new behaviour pattern that makes my life so much more enjoyable.  I so do not miss the fear I’ve been hauling around all this time.  I just don’t have time for those anxious thoughts any more.