Get Fully Booked Without Burnout

The 5-month private coaching program for coaches, consultants & online service-based business owners who want to bring in consistent sales & get fully booked without being on social media 24/7.

Hey, I'm Priya!

Your new favourite coach & money fairy.

Hey there, baddie!

Ready to have a practice full of "hell-yes" ready to buy clients?

I'm talking doubling your revenue by working less, and having more fam time.

Yes, you can have that. 

Does signing consistent clients sometimes feel like a mystery?

Are you throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks?

Raise your hand if you're like wtf I just wanted a business, not get a Phd in marketing or spend hours creating content!

Here's the thing, getting fully booked is simple when you master these three skills:

1) Position yourself as the expert in your field.

 2) Write content that converts into paying clients.

 3) Be unapologetic about selling your offers online.

Do any of these sound familiar?


You market regularly, but people aren't signing up consistently.

You know how to create content, but all that posting doesn't seem to be paying off.  You sign some clients here and there, but mostly you get crickets and your business doesn't feel sustainable.  


You've bought the courses, done the masterminds, but you're still not getting the results you want.

You've been in programs that taught you everything except how to sign consistent clients.  You're done throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks, and you're ready for someone to tell you exactly what to do to make sales each month.


You want a multi 6-figure business, but you don't have a plan for how to get there.

You know you're meant for a successful & sustainable business, but you don't have a clear plan for what offers to sell, how to price them, or fill all the spots to help you make that dream a reality.

These days you often find yourself scrolling wondering things like...

😑 How in the heck are your peers and colleagues selling out their programs, making money while making silly reels when you're just as good as them. WTF?

😑 You make offers regularly, but you still can't seem to bring in consistent clients.  WHAT GIVES?

😑 You're just as smart as your peers, and yet you don't have the revenue they have.  HOW COME?

You're starting to wonder if there's some secret to getting fully booked that everyone else has figured out except you.

Hi, I'm Priya

I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to nail my niche, learn how to market, and run sales calls using a dude-bro script. I invested heavily in group programs, buying course after course, and doing all the things I was "supposed" to do. But all it did was keep me confused and earning the same year after year.

It wasn't until I broke up with all the rules and started doing things my way that my business finally took off.  I hit $1M in sales in my brick & mortar store & wellness practice, and moved on to signing high ticket clients as a coach.  I started selling off social media posts without consults, hitting $10k months, while also having fun in my business.  

I created Fully Booked Without Burnout because I wanna save you the $30k I've invested, the 8 years it took me to get here, and all the frustration I experienced.  I've turned all the complicated stuff into simple, doable and easy frameworks you can implement on repeat. I'm teaching you everything I know from my decades of experience, plus giving you a customized & tailored strategy for your business to get you on track for your next 6-figures.  And it doesn't require you being social media 24/7 or writing long ass content that your audience is never gonna read!  I'll teach you how to get fully booked spending less than 10 hours/week on social media, and be with you as you scale to multi-6 figures.

imagine knowing exactly what to do to sign consistent clients without building complicated sales funnels, writing pages of content, or being on social media 24/7!

I wanted you to be the first to know that I made a $13k sale in one day.  They asked me what commission I wanted and I had you in my mind saying, "you're worth it!"  I named my price and they paid!  I'm so glad to have you as my coach!

SL, Real Estate Agent

I sold a spot in my program just by posting on social media like you said.  I made $2500 without a sales call.  What magic is this?  I can't wait to see what's next!

JD, Confidence coach


Coaches, consultants, practitioners & online service based entrepreneurs.

You have an offer that you'd like to sell more consistently.

You're committed to your success.

You take the coaching and implement it.

You're an action taker and self-starter.

You love taking ownership of your results.

Getting sold out with a waitlist is closer than you think. Close your eyes & imagine

✅ Attracting dream clients who are ready & resourced to hire you and start this week!

✅ Feeling in control of when and how much money you make AND knowing exactly what to do to create it.

✅ Selling your services without feeling manipulative or salesy.  Feeling excited to sell & closing your first sale in the next 30 days.

✅ Having more time with family, taking naps, going for yoga, and having more money in the bank. Having location freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom cuz you're the boss and you run your own schedule.

✅ Never worrying how you'll make money no matter what's going on in the economy.  Knowing how to speak to an elevated, resourced and hungry audience who wants what you've got!

Don't just take my word for it.

I made $1200 from a class I ran last year.

I had copy of a workshop I ran last year.  I was planning to redo it, build out a new course with it, and launch it someday in the future. Priya helped me see that it was good enough and launch it as it is.  I sold $1200 worth before I even fully started selling it on my social media.


I hit my first $10k month!

I used to sell one coaching package every few months if I was lucky.  Priya helped me get out of the victim mindset and take charge of my income.  I got clear on my offer, increased my rate & signed a new client at $4k.  I also renewed an old client at $4k, and sold a $2k package to someone making this my best month ever.


I finally sold a $2500 package!

I had 7 consults that were a No.  I was following a consult process that I bought from another business coach. I felt so rejected, I almost felt like quitting.  Priya helped me make some tweaks to my consult process & I finally got a yes!  I just closed a $2500 client! 


I made a $10k proposal and they said yes!

I had a major inquiry this week but I wasn't sure I was ready for it. Getting coached by Priya helped me raise my confidence, believe in my prices, and make the ask.  I felt so much calmer walking into the meeting, and they said yes on the spot! And that's not all, I also raised my prices across the board so I'm earning more per client!


I raised my rate from $3k to $5k.

I was really burnt out selling my $3k offer.  Priya helped me see that I was packing way too much in my program.  As a people pleaser I have always been an overgiver.  I increased my rates and streamlined my offer, and sold it at $5k!


I've sold 3 spots in my new program!

I launched a new offer and I've already sold 3 spots!  I've never made this much in all the years I've been in business. Once I got clear on my offer, and learned. how to write using your copy framework, things really started to shift for me.


Santina made $6k after just one call with me...

Here's the thing that the business gurus aren't telling you.

Sure, you can spend your days building sales funnels, figuring out your brand, or building a perfect website, but that's not what gets you fully booked.  You only need a handful of skills to fill your practice with clients - know your ideal client & their buying habits, write copy that speaks clearly to the results they want, and show up consistently on one or two platforms you love hanging out on. 

When you know the exact steps you need to be taking to build a consistent business, you don't have to do most of what's being taught out there.  The truth is selling online is WAY simpler than you think.  When you're clear, consistent and unapologetic about your selling, clients seek you out instead of the other way round.  You never have to DM strangers on the internet, or learn complicated tech.  I've helped several clients hit $10k months, make 5 figure sales, build their digital empire and get sold out, and you're no different.  I'm giving you the exact steps you need to hit six-figures without burning out.

I want to make it so simple for you to run your biz that marketing and selling actually feel fun and all your hard work shows up as actual dollars in your bank account.

I know it’s possible for you. I’ve helped client after client have the business of their dreams and get the life they always wanted.

This program is built to give you the rock solid foundations of building your forever online biz.  These are the exact structures and frameworks that'll get you your first clients to your first $10k month to hitting your first 6-figures.  There is no secret to getting fully booked. There's only the simple foundations of having the right mindset, rinse & repeat strategies, and the skillset to sell.  I will teach you all three.

I'm bringing my 2 decades of experience as an entrepreneur, $1M in sales, and my extensive background as a coach & homeopath.

The curriculum:

✅ 6-figure business model with an offer suite that has your clients salivating to buy.

✅ Messaging strategy so every piece of content lands with your ideal client. 

✅ Copywriting secrets so you only speak to ready and resourced clients.  

✅ Bring in new leads with ease so you always have folks in your pipeline.

✅ Tweak your signature process so you always know how your clients get results and what those results are.

✅ Stop feeling icky about sales and have fun selling on socials.

Plus, you get:

✅ Content conversion secrets so your best fit clients see you as the one to hire for their problems.

✅ Customized business strategy for the exact stage of business you're in.

✅ Social selling secrets that'll have people reaching out to hire you.

What's the investment?

There are three super easy, convenient ways to get inside Fully Booked - the only PRIVATE coaching program that gives you the mindset, strategy and 1:1 support to get you sold out.




Pay in one payment of $5000 USD and get:


✔20 VIP Private coaching calls.

✔Irresistible Offer Workbook

(a $500 value)

✔Copywriting Deck ($2000 value)

✔Voxer Access between calls

(a $2500 value)

✔A bonus 90 minute future visioning workshop that includes a guided visualization experience lead by Priya over zoom (a $600 value).




Pay two monthly installments of $2600 USD and get:

✔20 VIP Private coaching calls.

✔Irresistible Offer Workbook

(a $500 value)

✔Copywriting Deck ($2000 value)

✔Voxer Access between calls

(a $2500 value)




Pay five monthly installments of $1100 USD and get:

✔20 VIP Private coaching calls.

✔Irresistible Offer Workbook

(a $500 value)

✔Copywriting Deck ($2000 value)

See what clients have to say!

What's Included:

  • Weekly 1:1 Strategy & Mindset coaching with Priya to get you to $10k months & beyond.
  • Goal setting & Milestone check-ins at strategic points in your business growth to help you strategize.
  • Marketing & Selling strategies with real-time tracking.
  • Feedback on your copy, website, salespages and more.
  • Customized coaching to get you unstuck every step of the way.
  • Business building resources for every stage of your business growth.
  • Tailored strategies for exactly where you are in your business.

Pay in full bonus!

Get the best value when you pay in full!

 ✔️ A bonus 90 minute future visioning workshop that includes a guided visualization lead by Priya over zoom (a $600 value).

✔️Voxer Access between calls (a $2500 value).  

✔️Irresistible Offer Workbook (a $500 value) that you can use for every offer you ever launch to make them all a smashing success!

✔️Copywriting Deck ($2000 value) to help you write clean, simple, effective copy that converts.


Frequently asked questions

How much is it?

It's $6k and we have 2 or 5 pay payment plans available.  If you hired separate people for what you learn inside Fully Booked, you'd need a marketing coach, a money mindset coach, a copywriting coach, and a business coach and you'd pay close to $20k for all four.  This offer is a no brainer for those who want to fast track their revenue and save months of time, effort and resources.

What if I change my mind?

If after 4 sessions you decide you don't want to continue, you'll get a refund for the remainder of the calls minus a $500 service fee.  There are no refunds on payment plans.  There are no refunds if you change your mind after the refund period has passed, or if you choose not to attend calls.  I have an open door policy. If something isn't working for you, let's talk about it.  I'm committed to your success.

How long is the program?

It's held over 5 months.  We'll have weekly calls each month.

What will I get?

You get 20 private 1:1 calls with personalized and customized coaching for exactly where you are in your business.  This isn't a group program so you can bring your full self without any worrying about your privacy.

When are the coaching calls?

Once you're in, we'll book a call and choose a date based on your availability.

Do you only work with coaches?

Nope.  I work with both product based and service based entrepreneurs, course creators, and practitioners.  Most of my clients want an online branch of their business and want to utilize social media to get more sales.  I specialize in teaching you how to do business without burnout.

The Success Guarantee

I 100% stand behind the process that I teach. If you implement what I teach, apply the strategies, ask for support when you need it and make the strategical tweaks that we discuss week after week, you'll easily make your investment back and MORE.

My goal is for you to learn exactly how to market, sell, and scale your business in a way that feels aligned for you.  I guarantee you'll learn those things and I will help you implement them.

Fully Booked is for the heart-centered entrepreneur who wants the exact steps to convert their current audience into paying clients in a way that feels authentic, ethical and fun.

Whether it's been a while since you've signed a client, or you need that extra push to bring in consistent sales, this process teaches you how to sign clients with the audience you already have, on the platforms you're already hanging out on. 

Your time, energy, and resources are precious so its important that you only spend time doing revenue generating activities. No more writing elaborate posts that don't convert.

You don't need to run ads, build funnels or send cold messages.  When you master your messaging, copywriting, and sell without apology, clients can't help but get in your dm's to hire you.  

You may have tried other programs, but there is nothing out there like Fully Booked, where you get customized, 1:1 support that includes, mindset, strategy and practical tools that get you clients with less work and more ease.

Alison got super clear on what she was selling after just 3 calls, and sold her first package shortly after this recording...

Wanna chat to see if we're a fit? Book a call.

Who is Priya?

If we haven't met yet, wtf let's fix that! 

Hey! I'm Priya. I'm a business & visibility coach for healers, change makers, coaches, & service providers. I'm also a trained homeopath & dog mom.

I was just like you hustling all the time, working 24/7, taking course after course and doing everything the experts told me to do.  But I was constantly underearning, feeling stuck and just making the bare minimum to keep my biz going.

It wasn't until I started showing up as my authentic (unruly) self, became hella visible online, and got unapologetic about my selling that my business finally took off.

My street cred is that I ran my own health food store, ecommerce store and women's wellness practice before I was a coach.  I hit $1M in sales and was featured in the media multiple times (remember newspapers? lol)

I'm one of the few business coaches out there who has actually run a business.  I'm honestly shocked that so many business coaches have literally never run a business before.

I'm trained in consultative selling and I used to travel across Canada teaching naturopaths, pharmacists and doctors how to sell.

I'm a cancer survivor and one of my gifts is creating a safe, judgement free space for people. Whatever is up for you is welcome in my containers. I gotchu!

I was scared to invest and tried it own my for a couple of months.  I realized that trying it on my own just kept me spinning in confusion.  I was concerned about investing because I already had debt, but I realized I'll easily make the investment back working with you.  Once I said yes, I felt SO much relief!  I'm amazed how you solved my confusion in just one call! Now I feel so much more confident and clear about what I'm doing and what I should be talking about online daily to hit my goals.

Jenny Martins

Birth Coach

Have a question? Sure boo, let's book a call.