Why online business programs don’t work

September 15, 2020

In my early stages of entrepreneurship, I enrolled in many online business programs such as Marie Forleo's B-School, Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Jenna Kutcher's Instagram Lab and many others.  One year, I spent nearly $8000 on these programs.  These programs claimed to have all the answers on how to scale, market and grow a product or service based businesses.  I was overjoyed to have discovered these programs in the online space and I wanted to be in the room with these fabulous women.  Even though purchasing these courses put me in debt, I felt that if I could replicate the success of the course creators, I would eventually get a return on my investment.  

But, that's not what happened.  I found myself more confused and lost than ever before.  Plus, the revenue I generated from taking these courses that promised to help me create a "business and life I loved" was $0.  

A few years later when I became a Life Coach, I finally understood why generic online business programs just don't work, and why we fall for them over and over and over again.  

The problem wasn't that I lacked strategy, or know how.  The problem was my thought that if I could replicate the actions of someone who was already successful, I would create my own success.  But here's the thing, success is created by your unique way of seeing and serving the world.  It stems from your ideas and your vision for your business.  You cannot achieve the kind of success you want by replicating what others have done before you.  It simply doesn't work! You have to tap into your innate brilliance to birth and grow your business, especially if you're a coach, practitioner, or creative.  This means that replicating others will not help you get there.  

When you're first starting out in business, your brain will often give you messages like "you don't know enough, aren't expert enough, or aren't qualified enough".  From these thoughts, you'll want to take action to fix the problem your brain has offered you.  When solving for the problem of "I don't know enough", you may find that you are perpetually taking courses, getting certifications or researching before you launch your business.  But, the problem isn't that you lack the knowledge, the problem is that you aren't taking inspired action in your business.  More certifications do not create a business, experience does.

The second problem with generic online programs is that they are not customized to your unique challenges.  These programs are created for the masses and are often centered around making you feel good.  But entrepreneurship doesn't always feel good.  In fact, it feels pretty bad in the beginning as you launch and test your idea.  What's worse is that the amount of time you'll spend consuming the content in these programs is time you could be spending actually building your business.

The single most important skill you need in life and business is to learn how to take action in spite of fear.  When you learn how to step forward with courage, your business will create the impact you're here to make.  Launching a successful business is about getting feedback from your clients.  You can only improve your idea once you've presented it to the world.  And you can only do that if you are willing make an offer to real people.   

What I could have benefitted from before I invested in more online programs were the tools to understand my own emotional landscape.   Becoming aware of the emotions that are keeping you stuck from moving forward, and learning the tools for emotional resiliency will help you launch and scale your business faster than any amount of strategy will.   Taking courses on enhancing your skills is the easy part, the hard part is taking that first, second, tenth courageous action.

Through my own experiences of launching a health food store, an online shop, a homeopathy practice and launching my coaching practice, I've developed a one-one coaching program called Fearless Business.  Here, I teach heart led female entrepreneurs how to launch and grow the business they are dreaming of by working with them one-one.  There are no pre-recorded videos to watch.  There are no generic worksheets.  Everything is customized to where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.  We don't spend time studying other people's success, instead I help you define what success means for you and I help you create your own.  We discover your next steps based on internal wisdom using tools of emotional resilience and mind management.  I help you build the kind of self-belief necessary to develop a business that creates change.    

Book a free call with me to see if Fearless Business is right for you.

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About the author 

Priya Ferrie is a life & entrepreneurship coach for women who want to skyrocket their confidence, build courage & lean into their purpose.

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