Are you ready to skyrocket your confidence and create RESULTS?

Then private coaching is for you.

Here are some things I know about you:

You're playing small.  

You get a feeling that you're meant for more.  

You're a high achiever who feels burnt out.

You're curious about building a business without hustle.

As a new coach, you want to sign your first few clients.

You want to be yourself and feel authentic while marketing and selling.

You're ready for high-level, customized, and individualized coaching.  

You know what you need to get to done but you never seem to make time for it.

You feel confused and need direction for your next steps in life, career or business.

You've spent enough time watching what others are doing, and are ready to build your own thought leadership and authority.

You always feel like you don't have enough time.

You have powerful work to share with the world, but you just don't know how.

You're ready to have a consistent business in 6 months.

Your mindset often keeps you stuck.

You want to change careers or find something that feels more aligned.

You want to take your health practice online.

You have a skill you'd like to turn into a coaching business.

You're always procrastinating and perfecting, and never seem to finish projects.

You want customized coaching or mentorship in executing that brilliant idea you've had, instead of binge-watching netflix (hi, I see you).

Sound like you?  Go ahead, book a free call to see how I can help you create what you want.

Or need help with something else?  Let's talk.

  Warning:  goals will appear sooner than you think.


Degrees and certificates don't create confidence. Confidence comes from what we think about ourselves. Download my top mindset hacks for creating Beyonce-level confidence.  Step into the leader you're meant to be.

What clients are saying

If you want someone to tell you how to run your business, Priya is not the coach for you.

Priya is a skilled and compassionate listener; she asked the questions and held the space in which I could peel off years of expectation and thought patterns and learn more about who I am and what I have to offer the world. She helped me to see the limitations I had imposed on myself, to pause and question the “buts” and “what ifs” that show up and scare me back into being less than who I am, and helped me to see the possibilities that are in front of me. Working with Priya gave me the tools to build my business from a place of authenticity, with deep love and confidence in myself

Working with Priya was transformational!  

She helped me in many ways on my personal and professional front. I was able to think more clearly and manage my emotions.  Now I feel more confident and independent than I ever have.  I am so much more organized, and have a clear vision for where I'm headed.  I cannot begin to recommend her enough!


You are so inspiring.  I'm so glad to have you as my coach.  I love you and thank you helping me once again find my truth - she has been silent and scared for a very long time!  I feel free after holding back my true voice for so long.  I wanted a business for so many years, but just didn't know how to make it happen, until I started coaching with you.

I have never experienced this kind of growth

I mostly feel like a whole new brain is in my head.  I have much more self love and self validation.  

I no longer panic when I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  I don’t need to control or manipulate what happens. I decided to handle what felt like someone objecting to my what I was sharing, instead of deleting my posts or justifying what I said or, I just left it.  I have grown so much since working with you.