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Go from launched to booked in 6 months.

The Confident & Clear Program

The Confident & Clear program is a 6 month long private coaching program designed to give you 1:1 personalized coaching, support, and accountability every single week.  It is crafted to meet you wherever you're at in your business - whether you want to sign your first client, or become fully booked - you get the mindset, tools and strategy to build the business you're dreaming of.  You'll get unlimited text support in between the sessions and simple, doable homework that you'll actually enjoy doing. The teachings inside are customized to your needs, your learning style, and always 100% confidential.  My private coaching experience is unlike any other group program, digital program, or mastermind you will find, because it's the tailored to your specific business, personality type, personal and business values.

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Is the CONFIDENT & CLEAR program for you?

You're a female coach or service-based entrepreneur who wants to create real results in your business.

You want to complete essential projects like your lead magnet, your email sequence, or publish a book, but you just can't seem to get it done.

You feel confused about where to find clients, how to market, or how to generate sustainable revenue in your business.

You know you're here to make a difference, but you just can't seem to share your shenius with the world in a way that's impactful.

You hide on social media, you doubt yourself often, or worry that you'll get cancelled if you shared your actual opinion.

You feel confused about what steps to be taking daily to move closer to your goals.

You want a business you love, that takes into account your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

You're committed to your mission, your vision, and your purpose, or you are committed to discovering what they are.

You're not afraid of hard work, but you want to stop hustling without sacrificing revenue in your business.

You're tired of the negative self-talk from that inner mean girl, and just want to feel better on a daily basis.

You're done playing small, procrastinating on things that matter, or perfecting projects ad nauseum.

You want to show up authentically online & share your message with the masses.

You're tired of playing the good girl & ready to step into your inner Boss Bitch.

You're in the right place.


Generate confidence on demand.  Show up.   Speak up.  Bring your authenticity & your audacity.


Deconologize your brain from ideas about productivity and hustle.  Do less.  Earn more.


Stop feeling confused and get clear on your next steps.  Consistent clarity gets consistent results.


Connect with your purpose, your mission & your vision. Go deeper with your work.  Make an impact.

Confidence + Clarity in your business looks like

Making decisions on your offer, your niche & your pricing, without the drama.

Creating clear & compelling marketing that has people reaching out.

  Showing up as the authentic and expressed version of you instead of trying to be "proper" or "professional".  

No longer worrying about what people will think if you said what's actually on your mind, or expressed who you really are.

Feeling confident in every aspect of your business including marketing & selling.

Creating a CEO self concept so you stop thinking of yourself as a "new coach" or a "rookie entrepreneur" or "newbie" at business.

End the self-judgement and shame cycles and replace it with self-compassion and kindness towards yourself.

This is just the beginning.

About Priya, Certified Life & Business coach

Priya Ferrie is a double certified Life & Business coach. She has over 10 years of business experience from running her own health food store and. homeopathy practice to building her coaching business from scratch.  She proudly generated $1M in sales in her previous business selling nutritional products.  She is a graduate of the college of homeopaths, Mcmaster University and the University of Life coach training. She is a dog mom & lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband, 2 dogs, and 3 cats.

Here’s what people are saying about Priya


Homeschooling Coach

I've raised my rates and I'm no longer offering one-off sessions.  I'm earning more than I have in 13 years.

I want to thank you for all of your insight. I cannot describe with words how much better I am - not judgy, just open and comfortable.  My internal voice has changed.  I'm not stuck in negative thinking that has plagued me for years. I used to be someone who couldn't look forward to anything.  I now see that I am not stuck in a hopeless mindframe. I'm not stuck at all. My whole perspective has changed.  Everything is available to me.  I've raised my rates and I'm no longer offering one-off sessions.  I'm earning more than I have in 13 years.


Teacher & Coach

And I now get paid to coach others instead of doing it for free.

I mostly feel like a whole new brain is in my head.  I have much more self love and self validation.  

I no longer panic when I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  I don’t need to control or manipulate what happens. I decided to handle what felt like someone objecting to what I was sharing, instead of deleting my posts or justifying what I said or, I just left it.  I have grown so much since working with you.  And I now get paid to coach others instead of doing it for free.


Coach for midlife women

I signed my first client, and enrolled 5 people in a workshop!

I wouldn't have started my business without your help.  I would have just given up.  I needed the accountability and push to move forward.  My whole family didn't think I'd pull through, but I did.  I signed my first client, and enrolled 5 people in a workshop.

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