Create more confidence.  Sign clients.  Change the world.

Are you the kind of woman who wants to do meaningful work with her life?

Maybe you're already a coach, or maybe you're thinking of becoming one.

But the idea of marketing yourself, showing up in your feed, and charging for your work has you constantly hiding. You've tried the online programs.  You've been in masterminds.  But you just can't seem to find the confidence to actually make your business a reality?  Then we should talk.

What is the Confident Female Coaches Program?

It is the only 1:1 coaching + training available to help you create the confidence to sign clients and do your life changing work.  It's a set of concepts and practices that will help you change how you think about yourself as you build your purpose driven business.

It's a process to help you listen to a voice other than that of self-doubt, perfectionism, and over-thinking.

It will help you spend less time worrying about what others think so you can be more in tune with what you want to create in the world.

It's a set of principles that will help you create a foundation for your business rooted in self-love and integrity with what you know to be true.

It's a set of tools that will teach how to look for answers within yourself versus outside of yourself.

Women who have taken this coaching program often report higher levels of:

Confidence.  Self-love.  Profit.  Clients.  Committing to bigger goals.  Creating a business that brings them joy instead of burn-out.  Owning their brilliance.  Being able to get answers from themselves.  Being able to charge more and receive more without guilt.

Graduates have hit new income goals, launched their coaching practices, started their side business, created genuine and true confidence in themselves and their ability, and reconnected with inner joy and happiness.

My mission is to help women step into the most powerful version of themselves.  We need more women leaders, coaches, healers, practitioners and changemakers.  We need women to earn more so the can set an example for their daughters.  

It's time to liberate yourself from your socialization. 

Let's continue the conversation.  Book a free call to see if I'm the coach for you.


Working with Priya was transformational!  She helped me in many ways on my personal and professional front. I was able to think more clearly and manage my emotions.  Now I feel more confident and independent than I ever have. 

I cannot begin to recommend her enough!

Hani Sha Educational Consultant


When I was first launching my coaching practice, my brain was filled with self-doubt. Can I help people? Will I be an effective coach? Or worse, will people pay me for what I do?

I realized that my self-doubt was keeping me small, and if I wanted to feel more confident, I would have to choose better thoughts. Download my top five thoughts to create more confidence to launch or grow your coaching practice.