You reminded me that all along the answers were within me.  You gave me such great insight and awareness to what was going on in my mind.  I was filled with self-doubt.  After working with you I have so much clarity on where I'm headed with my life's mission.  I have a clearer vision of how to build my empire and live my life's purpose.  You lead the way which helped me discover my own path.  Thank you.


Author & Coach

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Women have been playing small for generations.  On the outside we see roaring feminism - but on the inside we see women playing small, holding back, and hiding their genius.  Your results have less to do with strategy, and more to do with cleaning up your thinking.  I help visionary women create a mindset that leads to results with big impact.  

You don't need to spend hours on social media, pay for facebook ads, or write a 100 blogs.  You can build a business from exactly where you are.  I can show you how.

I've been rewriting the rules of business for over 10 years.  In 2014, I founded a successful retail store, The Goji Berry, which I transformed into the online destination for non-toxic cosmetics called Clean Beauty House. Before I was a coach, I was a practicing homeopath, which means I've heard it all.  There is nothing you can bring to our call that will shock me.  I've helped women through major life transitions and have been there myself.  Mastering transition using the guiding principles of the soul & taking courageous action are my jam.  

I have a Bachelor's in Science from McMaster University, a Diploma from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, and I'm a certified Life Coach.  I was where you are now.  I had spent thousands of dollars on online programs to help me build my business.  From Marie Forleo's B-School to Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass, I paid to be in the room with fabulous women.  And although they inspired me to no end, their programs simply fell flat.


Because pre-built business programs are built for the masses.  They don't address your unique challenges because they are not customized to your unique needs.  When you have trouble with perfectionism, fear, or people pleasing, no amount of external advice will help you move forward until you do the inner work.

When you are stuck in indecision and confusion, you need mindset clarity instead of overwhelm.  This is why I only coach one on one.  This is the only strategy that helped me when I was building my business, and I want the same for you.

I offer free business breakthrough sessions via zoom.  We meet for an hour to dig deep into your goals and vision for your business.  I will show you where you are and how to get to where you want to go.  This is a powerful call because you will walk away with more clarity and confidence than you've ever had before. Click the button below to book a time.  I'll see you then.


A purpose-driven business isn't built upon conventional wisdom. Traditional marketing teaches us to manipulate and trap clients. Purpose-driven marketing creates a movement of change based on authenticity and transparency.  

Let's start with a new way to market your brilliance.  Download the first chapter of my new book, Marketing For Changemakers.